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Sherri C, Laguna Hills, CA

After seeing so many people I know trying Beauty-Tek, and then seeing the fabulous results, I couldn’t
wait any longer to try it myself. I was amazed at how something that is non-invasive, completely safe
and pain free could deliver such great results! My face looked much thinner, eyes were opened and
lifted, and wrinkles were minimized. It’s such a relief to know that I will not be needing
to resort to dangerous toxins and fillers to achieve these results… and best of all, no down time is
needed and there is no bruising! I can’t wait to get my husband in to work on him as well!
I HIGHLY recommend this SAFE and effective alternative to other dangerous procedures!

Lynn C, Dana Point, CA

I have been getting botox injections for 5 years. I never thought there could be a non-toxic treatment
for between the eyes, frown lines and brow lift!
I was blown away with the results of Beauty-Tek!

Julie W., Mission Viejo, CA

I have always been thin and worked out about three times a week.  No matter how much I tried I struggled with toning my legs and buttocks.  After trying BeautyTek I was amazed at the muscle definition in my legs, something I could never seem to achieve through working out alone.  I also noticed I had more energy and that BeautyTek is amazing for detoxing.  Dr. Meschi’s office is beautiful and calming.  I felt the whole experience to be relaxing and I would highly recommend the treatments to anyone looking to re-shape their body naturally. 

Anonymous, Newport Beach, CA

“I began Beauty-Tek because of its known benefits from gently—and safely—detoxifying the lymph system. But as I saw what it was doing to the look of my body and face, I was quite amazed. The Beauty-Tek process has not only made me a much healthier person, but I also I feel (and look) many years younger! Perhaps my dramatic results were accelerated since I am also taking Dr. Meschi’s pure supplements for healthy living, but I am sure that Beauty-Tek could benefit anyone.”

Savi R., Mission Viejo, CA

As a young girl, suffering from acne, I was constantly using different products to help my skin. Only to find out it was making my skin worse and nothing seemed to be helping me. Also being recently engaged I wanted to feel pretty for when I’m married and I heard about beauty Tek! Eventually I tried beauty tek and after only 3 sessions I saw a dramatic improvement. My acne scars were severely improved and now nobody can believe those pictures are of my skin or even that I had severe acne before and I’m constantly told how beautiful my skin is now.  Ever since my sessions my skin has been clear ever since. Now I can walk out of the house with no makeup and feel confident for my wedding day!

Sophia H.  M.V.

Dear Dr. Meschi, I’m impressed and delighted with your attention to details & result while working on my face & abdominal fat loss. I am truly greatful and look forward to future sessions.

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